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When people think of financial planning, they think “investments”. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Investments are just one piece of the pie. Financial planning also incorporates insurance, taxes, college planning, retirement planning and estate planning. In addition a planner looks at your current financial picture and finds ways to meet your goals and/or needs. Financial planning is extremely valuable because it answer’s your questions; helps you realize your present situation; makes your think realistically about the future; tells you which goals/needs you can attain; and points out changes that you can make now.

Our mission is to provide you with competent, objective financial advice and through professional planning we seek to assist our clients in making informed financial decisions. Our approach is a unique and growing trend in the financial planning profession in that we provide Hourly, As-Needed financial advice to people from all walks of life. Please take the time to explore our site to learn more about our services and how the financial planning process can improve your well-being.

Hourly, As-needed planning

Financial planners can be compensated in different ways. Most commonly, advisors are paid on the commissions they charge to buy and sell investment products. This approach may lead to bias for recommending products based on the commissions paid to the advisor. Another method of compensation is to pay an advisor a percentage of assets managed. This approach can lead to advisors trying to keep as much of your money under their management as possible.

At Conklin Financial Planning, we distinguish ourselves from other financial planning practitioners in that we don’t receive any compensation or commissions from the recommendations or sale of financial products. Our approach is to charge hourly for planning advice and investment selection. We are compensated solely by you for the consultative services we provide based on an hourly rate. We select the appropriate products based on your specific situation and deliver an easy to understand plan with actionable steps. This plan is tailored to you to help you achieve your specific life’s goals and is based on your attitude toward risk and your desired time frame.

Our hourly compensation model is similar to that of a lawyer or an accountant and we believe it minimizes potential conflicts of interest, and can be very cost effective in the long run. To learn more about how to engage in the financial planning and money coaching process with a Certified Financial Planner at Conklin Financial Planning, schedule a complementary get acquainted meeting by contacting us today.

Financial Planning and Money Coaching from a Certified Financial Planner